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At Master Properties, a stress free project is paramount and we will assist you throughout the entirety of the design and build process. We are pleased to offer services with any project type ranging from refurbishments, restoration works, extensions, and conversation projects.

All of our tradesmen are highly qualified and skilled with over 40 years experience. 

At Master Properties, we are pleased to also offer a range of specialist skills for restoration projects and heritage builds:

  • Brickwork - Brickwork is the skill which we feel is truly central to our service. When work is undertaken there are many, wide-ranging practises which come together to fulfil the client's wishes, however the final aesthetic and quality of the work hinges upon the quality of the Brickwork. 

    Master Properties is in the fortunate position to employ several brick layers of exceptional ability with an unparalleled experience and knowledge of the craft. With expertise in both heritage and contemporary brickwork, we will always be able to advise the client on what will be most successful and most in keeping with their property.

    Many Listed buildings also feature what may be termed as decorative Brickwork; more complex than the standard bricklaying process this can often lead to problems with firms who do limited work of this nature, however, Master Properties have great experience with such projects and can work with existing patterns and continue them as required.


  • Carpentry & Joinery - Woodwork often provides the backbone of a building project, so ensuring that it is undertaken in a professional and entirely bespoke manner is a pre-requisite for a successful and problem free project. Offering a team of highly skilled master carpenters and joiners, Master Properties are at ease with any requests from bespoke door frames to the pitching of a roof. 

Heritage Joinery is a craft which has all but died out in the 21st Century; the hand forming of joints and period features requires great skill and experience, yet this ability is central to maintain the aesthetic of a listed property. Master Properties understand this and have been careful to select craftsmen who are fully trained in these dying arts.


  • Stone Masonry - When building a property from the ground up, the majority of stone can be ordered pre-cut, however when restoring or renovating a property, or indeed building an extension, it is vital to work in harmony with the existing building which is sure to be unique and have its quirks.

The ability to cut and shape stone on-site is rare among building firms, whether using new stone or working with existing materials. When working on Listed properties this requirement is ever more important. Master Properties employ a heritage stone mason to ensure that any work of this nature is carried out on site and in a manner which is not destructive and preserves as much of the existing material as possible.


  • Metal Work - Metal Work is a trade which some clients require, while others do not, yet those who do need or want it often realise that finding a quality and reliable Metal Worker is not always a simple task.


  • Lead Work - Master Properties are one of the last building firms in the South of England who are able to offer a heritage lead worker with real expertise. Master Properties are one of the last building firms in the South of England who are able to offer a heritage lead worker with real expertise.




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